The Muscatel of Taggia at #wineinsanremo

Today few people know about the Muscatel of Taggia. In the 1800’s the wine obtained from this vintage could be found on the tables of kings and popes.  The agriculturalists of that era defined it as “the most aromatic grape known, excellent for dessert wines”. Taggia Muscatel then disappeared without a trace.  Recently it was rediscovered in Alta Valle Argentina, on the border with the Valle Armea, in western Liguria. It has been verified that the Muscatel of Taggia is a “white Muscat”, genetically equal to that of Canelli, but with a sparse clustering, and a very intense aroma.  Today from this vintage, which matures around the second half of September, it is possible to make sweet wines that are intensely fragrant, sparkling or spumante. The dried fruit that is obtained from drying the grapes is perfect for the excellent desserts that are made in the local cake shops, such as canestrelli and biscuits from Lagaccio.  Rarely, but worth noting, dry aromatic wines suitable for serving as an aperitif are produced.

This wine is produced in very small quantities, and on 10 October Wine in San Remo will offer you the chance to taste it.  Not to be missed is the appointment at the Palafiori at 12:00 for the presentation of the book “The Ambrosia of the gods: Muscatel of Taggia at the Roots of Ligurian Wine-growing by Allessandro Carassale, and the wine-tasting of Taggia Muscatel conducted by Eros Mammoliti.